Hotel Himara
Welcome to The Ranch Reserve.



The Dishwasher:

We provide a supply of tablets, located under the sink. You will need to drop one in the base of the dishwasher (not the liquid dispenser). Then press the program button of your choice then press the start button.

The Fridge and Freezer:

You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it's not cooling efficiently) please let us know. There is also a mini fridge near the pool table in the basement.


The Stove and Oven:

The stove is a six burner gas stove with a griddle. There are two side by side convection ovens. There is a vent hood above the stove.

Other appliances:

  • Coffee Pot
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Keurig
  • Toaster
  • Crockpot
  • Food Processor

The barbecue grill is located on the upper deck. It is a natural gas grill, so there is no propane tank. To turn on the gas rotate the yellow knob. Please remember to turn off the gas, scrape the grates, and recover the grill.

Heating & Cooling

In each room there are thermostats to control the temperature of that room. Make sure they are set to "Heat."


There is no air conditioning in the house, as the highest average temperature in Copper is 75F during the summer. So no matter how low you turn the temperature on the thermostat it will never kick on the A/C - because there isn’t one! If you're overheating we recommend opening a window and/or turning on the fans in the bedrooms. The fans can be controlled by the switch on the wall next to the light switch.


The house uses radiant heat through the floor. This method is more energy efficient, however it can take longer than traditional forced air HVAC systems. If the house is too cold you can wear more layers and/or turn on the fireplaces. Please do not turn up the heat higher than 72F.


The living room fireplace has a remote to the far left of the fireplace press the on/off button to operate. Please do no remove the remote from the wall.

The basement and upstairs fireplaces can be turned on/off with the switch located on the side of the fireplaces. 

Washer & Dryer

We have a washer and dryer located in the primary bedroom upstairs and another set located in the basement next to the bathroom. There is a supply of detergent for your use. To operate the machines, simply select the program you want, place the detergent in the tray, close the door, and hit start. For the dryers, make sure to clean out the lint trap. Please be respectful of the washers and dryers by not putting anything in them that would overload or break them. We use them to launder the linens between guests.